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NUCCA Process

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Your first visit with the Chiropractor at Align Health & Wellness is a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the care we provide. This first visit will help us understand your main motivating factors that have brought you to seek care. For some this might be intolerable pain, for others, it may be the understanding that to be truly healthy our body must be free of interference. Regardless, we are eager to learn about previous challenges and future ambitions. A postural assessment will be performed which will provide us insight into the stressors your body is currently holding onto, and whether or not our resources are able to address these stressors.

The second visit is an exciting one. This is the point where most of our clinical data is collected and you receive your first adjustment. During this appointment, we will perform a surface electromyograph of your neck and back to assess the musculature that is affecting (and being affected by) your current spinal alignment. Relevant orthopedic and neurological tests will be performed, and precise NUCCA upper cervical digital x-rays (when required) will be taken of your head and neck. These films will be analyzed to determine the specific adjustment that you will require to bring your body back into a balanced state.

We will engage you in the process of your care from day one, and will keep you informed of what to expect throughout your time at our office. You will likely be taken aback by the gentle adjustment you will receive. Many wonder how such a gentle contact can produce any form of change. We will discuss all of this with you in the detail you require. Once you are adjusted and your posture shifts and exhibits change (generally this occurs immediately to a varying extent), we will take a second set of digital films to confirm the change the analysis would have us anticipate.

A recommended care plan will be given to you during your second visit. Follow-up visits will generally take 5- 10 minutes in which time your alignment will be assessed and you will be adjusted. We recommend that you rest in our relaxation room to allow the adjustment to settle in before returning to the outside stressors we call “life”.

After approximately ten visits, a re-assessment will be performed with a follow-up surface EMG, and re-evaluation of what the next course of care will require. It is realistic to expect a year of care to see the most sustainable change. The largest investment of time will be during the initial phase of care. As your body becomes more stable it will begin to “remember” where your alignment should be (versus where it has been for what could be years), you will be able to hold alignment for longer periods of time between adjustments.

As a wellness centre, we acknowledge the many facets of life that influence our health. We will do our best to offer the most optimal products, information and referrals to help guide you towards a worry free, healthy lifestyle.



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